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With over 18 years’ experience working within an Association environment we discovered a real need for an association to be able to research and retrieve documents efficiently and quickly. ADMS is a secure web-based program offering a diverse module platform specifically designed for Condominium, Homeowner and Mobile Home Associations.

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  • Elsa J Sanchez, President Paradise Gardens III, POA 6930 NW 15 Street Margate, Fl. 33063   Dear Mr. Donadio I wanted to tell you it has been a pleasure dealing with ADMSolutions for the past 3 1/2 years.  As you know we are a community of 331 homes.  We find the ARC (Architectural Review Committee) and the Violation modules to be a very beneficial management tool for us.   We had been with a management company dealing with the violations in our community. The problem was that there was no way to follow them up in a timely manner. Your system has helped us tremendously in following the violations with timely letters with and an easy to follow program. Our board members have access to both ARC and the Violations and are able to follow thru and know what is pending or corrected. Our residents have access to their properties thru the Owner Portal to view property’s history and any open violations. They let us know when they have corrected the violation.  Once the violation is verified it is closed. We are planning on signing up for the election module and facilitate the procedure and save money by not having to mail to all the residents and be able to get an accurate and prompt result even from out of state residents. Thank you for always responding to our concerns and helping us manage our community. Respectfully Elsa J Sanchez
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